Soul Seed Tincture – Energizing Clarity Blend, 1000mg


About the product

Full spectrum hemp extract oil made naturally from Wisconsin-grown hemp. One serving (.5 mL, or half dropper) contains 20 milligrams of CBD. Sublingual oil taken orally under the tongue.

More Info & Ingredients

Our Soul Seed CBD oil is made with hemp flowers and stems undergoing a carbon-dioxide oil extraction process to ensure top quality and purity of product. Then, to create a full-spectrum herbal oil supplement, the extract is combined with a proprietary blend of organic MCT oil and organic cold-pressed, unrefined hemp seed oil. Natural flavor blends (orange, mint) and stevia, a natural sweetener, have been added to create a pleasant tasting experience.

Ingredients: Hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD), organic MCT coconut oil, organic hemp seed oil, natural mint or orange oil, stevia, less than .3% THC 


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