The Soul Seed CBD story

Nourishing Your Soul with Natural Wisconsin Hemp-based products

Soul Seed CBD products are made with homegrown Wisconsin hemp and are designed to help you live your best life, naturally!

We created Soul Seed CBD as a way to help connect creators, visionaries, and adventurers with pure, natural, hemp-based products, straight from nourishing Wisconsin soil into oil.

We believe that you can be anything you desire to be and do whatever calls to your soul. And it sure helps when you feel good, living a healthy well-rounded life. As multi-entrepreneurs and creatives ourselves, we’re not willing to sacrifice joy or health to be it all and have it all. You don’t have to either.

Wisconsin Hemp Farmers – the creators of Soul Seed CBD

How it began

Hi, we’re Amber and Brandon, multi-creatives and entrepreneurs. As co-musicians in Morningstar, we’ve spent years writing, traveling, and playing in our metal band.

In addition to being rockers, we’re business owners. With both of us running businesses and being multi-creatives, there were many nights where it was hard to “turn it off.” This would lead to restless nights, followed by brain fog days that felt like a slog to get through. We quickly realized that to fulfill our dreams, while being present in the moment and enjoying life along the way, we’d need to optimize our life so that we honored our creative and energetic flow, without burning out.

We started to feel how the demands of life and rock-n-roll were taking a toll on our bodies. And we saw this not just for ourselves, but many loved ones around us. Regardless of whether they had a mentally or physically taxing job, exhaustion from balancing life, career, parenting, and trying to make space for hobbies – we started noticing that everyone was experiencing some type of burnout in some area of life. Around this time, Amber’s dad (a lifelong gardener and homesteader) was forced into an early retirement due to an injury.

How it evolved

This is when we discovered CBD-based hemp products. When taken in the afternoon, Amber found that it would ease the mid-day tension and bring greater clarity and focus. When taken in the evening, we both experienced better sleep. Amber’s dad, Dave, received relief from CBD as he recovered from knee surgery. Since then, we’ve heard countless stories about how hemp-based CBD products have improved and changed people’s lives. In some cases, minimizing or removing the need for other medications that would, at times, have their own serious side effects.

In 2019, it became legal once again to grow hemp in Wisconsin. We’d been talking about growing hemp for a few years, as a way to possibly help our families make better use of their farmland. Feeling our own pull to get back to family roots and find a way to reconnect with the land we decided to grow hemp as a family operation. As licensed growers, we’re proud to grow our own product from germination to soil into oil. And we partner with the highest quality processing facility, ensuring that our product stays natural and pure all the way from where it starts in our hands and ends up in yours, from soil to oil.

Just like you have a dream you might be nurturing from a corner of your house, a basement, or garage, so did we with our dream for Soul Seed CBD. And the thing that’s just as true today as it was from the start is that, sometimes, the simplest and most natural path is the best. Embracing natural remedies and health doesn’t have to be complicated, out of reach, or a hard choice. Our mission with Soul Seed CBD is to help everyone who desires it, to live more authentically.

Soul Seed CBD exists to help you embrace more holistic, authentic living. Check out the variety of products from pure sublingual oral hemp-based CBD oil, to relaxing bath bombs, roll-on oils, calming teas, and even products for pets!

We’re here living our multi-passionate and, at times, hair-on-fire life, seeking to find meaning and joy in the journey. And products from Soul Seed CBD can help bring more calm, presence, and joy to that journey.

We hope you find as much value in our products as we have!

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